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You know you spend to much time on Ravelry when….

you check your groups and nothing new is posted…..

you reconize people on multiple, seemingly unrelated groups…. and feel like you’ve seen a friend in the hall at school…..

you check ravelry so much you change it to your homepage…..

you turn the TV on, boot up ravelry and half an hour later… you realize your watching the sports news on ESPN…..

the reason you want a PDA to have Internet is so you can check your forums when your on the go…..

You catch site updates… and panic because you think it’s gone…..forever…..

you can’t understand why anyone would NOT be on ravelry…..even the non-knitters…..


I currently live in Williamsburg, Virginia with my husband and three youngest children. I'm trying to spend as much time knitting as I can.

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