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What’s with that?

This was a great weekend. We enjoyed the company of family and friends here with a Bar-B-Que and campfire. My husband did a great job smoking the meat starting at 6am. The kids all helped get ready in the yard and cleaning out the garage. Sarah helped with the inside, which was awesome and a giant help, and kept me from being crazy insane and stressed. I think the Sarah help was great for the kids too as their load was lifted significantly. We planted some fall flowers and put out “Christmas” lights. Everyone brought a dish to share and all the food was delicious.

Do you know that only just today I realized no pictures were taken. Not a single one. WHAT’S WITH THAT? I always intend to take picture’s and now that it’s over I highly regret not having the visual memory’s of the people we love just enjoying each other. I will work on this. Starting today the camera will be more accessible and not kept out of the way in my bedroom closet!

I took this picture today. It will have to suffice. It does at least have smilling faces.


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