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Week off school

No school for winter break. We seem to be having a lazy catch up time of things. I scheduled Eye Dr and Dentist appointments and things like that. I have high hopes for all bedrooms to be cleaned and sheets washed. Tonight some of the kids will be going to the Pistons Basketball game and ML will be at school so I think the rest will go out to dinner somewhere.

It’s super cold out. I can’t wait for summer to be here. I have to go grocery shopping and the thought of loading and unloading the van with the wind ripping through you has me snuggled under a blanket with the dog instead.

Speaking of dogs. ML and I will be going to Georgia to visit Stephanie for the weekend and we’ll be bringing a dog home. Another Chihuahua, so Nina will have a new friend named Rosalie. I think every one is excited. She will be a rescue and I here how sweet she is from all that know her so I’m sure she’ll be a good fit.

My swap partner received her package and said she loved it and the socks fit. That’s a big relief. I can’t seem to get any more photos uploaded so I’ll try again later.

I’ve also started two new socks. 1st pair is Chewy Spaghetti in Murky. Just a basic rib. The second pair is Duets in Neon Love. It’s mostly st st but it does have a cute lace heart around the leg.

I also am working on a scarf with Schaefer in Rosa Parks. I think I’m intrequed with this scarf. It’s got me thinking about what other scarfs I might like. Maybe it just too cold out today to think of any thing but staying warm.


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