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The Weekend

Saturday we spent the first part of the day shopping and running errands. Just boring necessities stuff. The second part of the day was spent cleaning. We cleaned the loft….The two bedrooms…. cleared off every flat surface and wiped them down. Got rid of lots of things the boys had outgrown/lost pieces to/broke/don’t need/want all to get ready for the new and improved xmas things the boys will outgrow/lose pieces/break/not want/need. What a circle.

Next week we’ll clean the basement family room….. laundry room…. adult boy’s room…… and the girl’s room. Uggh!
I did get a very lovely package from I was very happy to end the days hard work with some yarn petting. Very relaxing.
Sunday was actually a laid back day. We canceled plans to go to my Mom’s because of the threatening weather [which actually was minimal] so I was able to get some knitting done for gifts.
Snow babies and clothes are done.
Just need felting.

I also finished my Love’s socks!

Which encouraged him to, umm…. model?

Katie’s pre-felted bowl.

Today I’ve started a new sock with Perchance to Knit, Pond II. I’m undecided about it. We’ll see.


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