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A green Christmas

This year we decided that as part of living a healthier, more earth friendly life, we would use newspaper as gift wrap! I have been having a really great time trying to match articles with the gift recipient. I also think it is rather festive looking with the mix of articles about the holidays.
I’m thrilled with the way the kids are embracing this, too!
Oh! By the way, do you notice the wee socks and hats on our wee tree? Hehehe

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What’s with that?

This was a great weekend. We enjoyed the company of family and friends here with a Bar-B-Que and campfire. My husband did a great job smoking the meat starting at 6am. The kids all helped get ready in the yard and cleaning out the garage. Sarah helped with the inside, which was awesome and a giant help, and kept me from being crazy insane and stressed. I think the Sarah help was great for the kids too as their load was lifted significantly. We planted some fall flowers and put out “Christmas” lights. Everyone brought a dish to share and all the food was delicious.

Do you know that only just today I realized no pictures were taken. Not a single one. WHAT’S WITH THAT? I always intend to take picture’s and now that it’s over I highly regret not having the visual memory’s of the people we love just enjoying each other. I will work on this. Starting today the camera will be more accessible and not kept out of the way in my bedroom closet!

I took this picture today. It will have to suffice. It does at least have smilling faces.
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Chaotic or Calm?

Cluttered or Comforting?

I find I’m concerned probally more than I should about what others see of my life and home.

Let’s assume I have a freind visitng me. She thinks that my life is over cluttered. I have too much furniture in this room. Why don’t you put things away and what doesn’t fit eliminate? Too many boys sharing this space. Maybe you could reorganize this area? We good make it look so much better.

Now let’s assume a different Friend is visiting. Wow, everything is is so nice, your colors are great. I like that you have extra chairs so every one can sit together. I’m amazed how you can fit so many people in so little a space. You always have everything so organized. It looks so nice, too.

But, I suppose it’s more telling about the person noticing these things than those being noticed. I know I myself have thought these things about my friends each in turn. And that, I would say is the most interesting.

I should remember that people look at others and see both what they admire and what they hope to be better than. It’s not really about you. So, I’ll endeavor to remember we all appear one way or another at different times and to different people and that is okay.

I’ll strive to be calm and comforting and work on the chaos and clutter, not only with my house but also with those in my life. We all need to see the good while acknowledging the bad so we can continue to grow.

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When I grow up…..

I want to be a consistent blogger……

Meanwhile, I’ll try to update more often.

Let’s see, my life has been put on hold it seems. M and H are in OK. Still. I have no kitchen. Still. I am traveling with ML for his work. Still. I’m doing laundry for the trip (Buffalo, NY this time.) Still. I’m trying to find more time to knit. Still. It’s hot and muggy. Still. My life seems to be on hold. Still.

I have new blogging goals of 2-3 times a week. Just 15minutes of my time 2-3 times a week. I think I can handle that.

I updated my flickr so feel free to check that out. Meanwhile I am going to hang the perma-press.

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Happy days of summer

I’ve sent out my swap package to Paula. I’m very excited for her to get it. I picked goodies I thought she’d like but had a very hard time with chocolate. This is one of her favorite things, especially dark…..But it’s summer and mailing chocolate with wool is asking for a tragedy. But I think she’ll be happy.

This is the first SOS08 sock. I have cast on for the second sock today and hope to be finished by Friday. This is the Ginny Weasley pattern and I am using Chewy Spaghetti in the Sunset colorway.

I’m hoping the new bag I ordered from Loopy to come tomorrow. Also, I am waiting on my swap package from Kellie. Yup, I’ll be checking out the mail before my husband!

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I have been knitting mom’s socks for Mother’s Day. I’m using J. Knits AC-130. I’ve used J. Knits before with great success. Remember my Loopy sock swap for Pam? Those were knit on 1’s and mom tried them on and said they were perfect. Good to know.

I am making the chevron pattern from Sensational Socks. I started with a 0 needle because it had more stitches (66) and it was too tight. So a frogging it went. Started again with a 1. Too small still…. Frogged….Added another repeat which is eleven stitches….. HUGE….Frogged……again…..UGH! So…..Now I’m trying 0’s with 77 stitches.

By now, surely, I’ve knit this sock enough to have finish the damn pair! If this doesn’t work……I’m burning the yarn……Well it’s wool so maybe I (can’t) won’t burn it.

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Ready and waiting on summer

Hooray! Let’s have a party. Under our new pergola of course!

Everyone helped by following Uncle’s direction

It turned out fabulous and I am looking forward to all the days and nights we will be spending under the shade watching the kids playing. Now all we have left is to add some flowers and invite the fairies for tea. Nice job every one. Especially Rick and Drew.

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Start your day out right

I got up a little early today so I could work on the afghan. I’m hoping to finish this last square in row two and get it blocked for class tomorrow. This is what I saw in the kitchen….

Who doesn’t love the comic section?!?

Now that my day has started out right I’m confident I’ll reach my knitting goal. And it’s supposed to be 75 degrees today! Woohooo!!!!

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You know you spend to much time on Ravelry when….

you check your groups and nothing new is posted…..

you reconize people on multiple, seemingly unrelated groups…. and feel like you’ve seen a friend in the hall at school…..

you check ravelry so much you change it to your homepage…..

you turn the TV on, boot up ravelry and half an hour later… you realize your watching the sports news on ESPN…..

the reason you want a PDA to have Internet is so you can check your forums when your on the go…..

You catch site updates… and panic because you think it’s gone…..forever…..

you can’t understand why anyone would NOT be on ravelry…..even the non-knitters…..

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Keeping up. or not!

I have been rather lazy about blogging. I keep thinking I’ll have something interesting to say and I’ll blog tomorrow. It never seems to be interesting though. It’s just my life.

But today as I sit contemplating my visit with Ann Marie over knitting and coffee, I realized not that anything specific we said was so fabulous but rather just the chatting and sharing was. I enjoy the listening and sharing stories and learning about her life.

I guess that’s what blogging is missing. The sharing.