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Deadline changes but the work stays the same

We are having senior pictures taken for my son and X-mas pics of all the kids. So I thought it would be great to knit socks for each kid in their “color code.” Originally the date was Nov. 4th but my oldest made plans to go with his girl for the weekend. You know- everything revolves around love. So the new date is Nov. 11th. Which, thankfully, takes my stress level down a notch since I now have another week to finish these socks.

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So it begins!

I am struggling with how serious I am about this whole BLOG thing. I intend to keep track of the things that I knit. What pattern, type of yarn, were there any problems or changes? That way, I’ll know everything in case I want do it again. I’m just not sure how diligent I am. It’s taking away from my knitting time. I’m not sure I want to give that time up.

Time will tell. [No pun intended] And so, with this, it has officially begun.

By the way I’m working on an ankle sock for my son, Opal yarn in Oskar der Traumer (that’s German) basically it’s black and white variegated. I am using a size 1 needle with 64st. The top ribbing is 6 rows 2×2 K,P. Just a basic sock. The 4th pair, all same stats except colors.

I’m off to knit.