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Snow!! But 1st Swim!

The girls were fantastic in Santa Fe this past weekend!  One more big meet this weekend in Hobbs.  I think they all had fun and Miranda was an excellent team leader!
Johanna, Coach Gormley, Amber and Miranda

 Amber and Johanna waiting to warm up

And we had snow! Almost 3″ which I’m told is the more snow than this area has had in 10 years! It fell through the early morning of Wednesday. Practically the whole city shut down. Schools where closed, government buildings and even Chuck’s work.  Then we lost power. Later to find that the electric company had lost two of the generator stations and were over loaded so they were cycling different areas of the city with power outages for an hour at a time.  We had 3 outages before we went to bed and the news is reporting it will continue today with the cycling.

The view out my window yesterday.

The birds were staying warm and refueling all day

I even had some Dark Eyed Juncos visit for the 1st time