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Shusui Shrug

The Shusui Shrug by Susanne Sommer, I am seriously obsessed with this pattern! I have done Brioche just enough to understand the concept. I by no means am an expert.  This shawl/shrug is changing that rapidly.

I first heard of this pattern on the Wool Work Shop youtube podcast.  The construction is very unique,  it has a combination of brioche and garter stitch.  Susanne has also provided a youtube video for the set up. That was a huge benefit for me. I started this shrug several times. Not because it was so hard but rather I had color combo issues.  I strongly advise totally different color choices for your light and dark. Really, like colors that you don’t even think match.

Wollmeise PinBall Wizard and PotzBlitz

This was my first choice. I ordered this yarn specifically for this project. I was thinking summer trees turning into fall trees. The tone of the colors is much too similar. also having the color variations it’s too jumbled to see the design of the pattern.

Knit Picks Hawthorn Speckle
Cosmic and Italian Ice

This was the second combo.
The colors are again too similar once knit up in the pattern, too much the same tone. You couldn’t really see the pattern.

Knitpicks Hawthorne Kettle Dyed and Speckle
BLackBird and Cosmic
This is the winning combo. I decided to knit this for my daughter, Hanna. It reminds me a bit of a skeleton in this color combo. A win for this girl, I’m quite sure. Find my project on Ravelry to follow up dates.
Loving this combo!!!!I

I’m working away, ticking off all the repeats in the first section. I am using the Knit Companion app, I like to for any pattern that has multiple charts or instructions. I have the paid version and it is well worth it. I like that I can create new pages with my chosen parts of the pattern, really letting me focus on the immediate instructions.  As an example I pulled the repeat of rows R3-6 out of the section on Page 2 to of the pattern, originally this section has rows R1-6. Then I added in colored highlights to make it very clear which were light colored rows and which were dark.

A snippet of the pattern, in the app, so you can see what I mean.

The app enables so many other things. A row counter, a highlighter with many color choices, a pop-up legend and notes section, row bars you can move along as you go, so many I couldn’t possibly cover them all. Check out the Knit Companion app. It’s so good.

Until next time, Happy Knitting, Happy Life.

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Traveling Socks

I usually have a pretty simple sock going that I work on while out and about.  It is basically my standard Basic Top Down Socks on DPNs with some variation to add patterns to the legs for interest and/or various sizes. I use the pattern somewhat like a recipe, I change the ingredients on a whim.

Using Knitpicks Hawthorne Multi in Happy Valley

This sock has 64 stitches with a K2, P2 ribbing for 20 rows. I then did a 2 stitch cable repeat around which switches the ribbing to K1, *P2, K2,* P1. I’m sure it would of been equally effective to just change the ribbing directly to the P2, K2. Anyway, I worked the new repeat for 12 rows and then repeated the cable section in reverse to leave me with the original K2, P2 rib. the leg for this sock ended being about 7 inches.

a close up of the cable section

Usually I prefer to just carryon with the Slip Stitch Heelflap. I varied here as well, maintaining the K2, P2 ribbing. I did adjust the stitch orientation so that the flap began and ended with a K1. just so everything was centered. 

Ribbed Heelflap

I guess I was extra ambitious as I went with a Reverse Stockinette section in the gusset. After picking up all my stitches I counted off the 16 stitches for either side of the sole I intended to end with and placed markers. Working the entire decrease section in the reverse stockinette [using P2tog and P2togTBL decreases in place of the K2tog and SSK] the top of the foot in the K1, *P2, K2,* P1-ribbing and the sole in stockinette. It left a very pretty detail which I will repeat again.

Gusset section worked in Reverse Stockinette

I’m pleased with the sock overall and have already started the second sock. I never have had “Second Sock Syndrome.”

Happy Knitting!
Note- The “*” indicates repeated stitches around, P2tog= purl two stitches together, P2togTBL= purl 2 stitches together through the back loop, K2tog= knit 2 stitches together, SSK= slip as if to knit- twice and knit the 2 stitches together through the back loop