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Spring Bird Watch 2018

As you enter into our neighborhood there is a sign posted that says this is a Bird Sanctuary. From my experience that certainly is true. I’ve seen birds in our yard I’ve never seen in real life before, such as the Eastern Bluebird. I’ve seen Blue Jays, and we have those here, too. An assortment of woodpeckers, finches, thrashers, mockingbirds, cardinals and sparrows. More birds than I can recognize from a glance or from far off. We’ve added some extra feeders and suets cages to encourage than to stay long enough for me to pull out my new bird watching binoculars! Then I can look them up in my bird book to identify which bird I have.

We still have Robins. The Robin that started a brood with three eggs a few weeks ago is still here. Only one egg seemed to have hatched. The one bird is fully feathered and I expect will be heading out of the nest any day now. The momma is still diligently supervising and bringing food but she doesn’t spend time sitting in the nest any longer. You can see theres still at least one, but probably both, of the other eggs still in the nest. I wonder what would cause them not to develop enough to also hatch.


We also so far have one new baby sparrow! Hopefully all these little ones will make it. Both momma and papa Sparrows are taking care of this brood, they take turns never leaving the nest unattended for more than a moment. I think we also may have another Sparrow nest in the tree as I regularly see more than two female and males looking through the grass for worms right in the front yard.




As a new development we have House Finches setting up a nest in the third of our hanging flowers! The finches also seem to be tag team the build. With male and female bringing nesting supplies.



Our Winter Wrens in the bird houses in the back yard must be sitting on eggs by now. Rarely do I see any activity. Unless you get to close to the house! You’re likely to get dive bombed from the little door.  They do not want you too close.  I was putting wood chips around the flower bed the first time it happened.   It scared the crap out of me! The bird hit my hand and flew right back in. It happened so fast I never really even saw the bird.

I know that is what is was though because it happened again. But this time when I went to get the mail! This time the bird flew off and I investigated a bit. I saw that a different bird had built a nest in the newspaper box! SO the next time I went to get the mail I made a plan. I was real quiet, I walked slow and peeked in. And there in the nest was a tiny Winter Wren! AND THEN SHE FLEW OUT RIGHT AT ME!!!  That will get your heart racing.







What birds do you have in your yard? Any Idea why the Robin’s eggs didn’t hatch?

I’m going to keep watching those birds! Happy birdwatching.

Edited to add:

I just went to go outside on the front porch…….To my surprise I saw the beginning of a new nest. In the wreath on my front door! I guess I will have a front row seat. and have to forbid my family from using this door for the nest several weeks.


Just like Mary and Joseph, when there is no vacancy at the inns (aka hanging flower baskets), you find yourself in the manger.

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