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Rain Boot Love

I live in the Chihuahuan Desert so rain here is very limited, but when I saw these boots with the knit imaging on them it didn’t matter. I had to have them and my daughter thought so too because she sent them to me for Christmas! I’m so obsessed in-love with these I was compelled to knit for them!
I made this up because I couldn’t find any boot topper patterns that would add to the charming knit stripes on the boots themselves instead of being the main focus. I think this is a good compromise.  I’d say this is more a recipe than a pattern though.
I used Cascade 220 in assorted scraps.  Having used scraps I’m not sure of the yardage but both together weight 134 grams. (That weight is after I trimmed everything.) Size US #9 needle. Gauge is not important but I have about 4 stitches to the inch in garter stitch.
Here’s what I did:
Co 20 stitches, knit 4 rows of each color (=1 stripe.) Colors were chosen in random order and adjusted so they weren’t repeated too close. 31 stripes.  The 31 stripes were the right length for my specific boots.  I wanted the stripes to go completely around the boot top with out too much pull but also not be too loose. I cast off after the 4th row and cut yarn leaving enough to sew up the seam. Then seamed the 1st and last rows together with the mattress stitch.

I then picked up 96 stitches and joined in the round and knit 2×2 rib. You may want to pick up a few extra stitches to make sure you don’t have holes or gaps and then evenly around decrease them to a number divisible by 4. I did 29 rows then BO in rib. Of course if you want the “leg” part to be longer you certainly could add rows.  If you desire, weave in your ends, but I didn’t bother. I just tied 2 side by side ends together and trimmed them evenly around. Using the #9 needle for the ribbing means the ribbing will hug the inside of the boot and not my leg. You might prefer to use a smaller needle so they are snug to your legs!

Fold them over with the ribbing on the inside and wear with great pleasure!!


I currently live in Williamsburg, Virginia with my husband and three youngest children. I'm trying to spend as much time knitting as I can.

4 thoughts on “Rain Boot Love

  1. These are fantastic! Just what I've been looking for! Thank you!

    Also, just so you know, when you saw to “seem” things together, it should be “seam”. (Not trying to be a grammar nazi….or rude…or anything like that…just thought I'd let you know.)

    Anyways, I can't wait to make these!!! <3

  2. It is so cute and looks easier to knit than any other boot cuffs/toppers I've seen. May I ask you what size did you knit it for? I mean the size of the calf-in cm or inches- because I want to cast on more or less according to your instructions.

    I will knit them cause the zipper of by boots damages my socks and I will use a black yarn just like in this link
    so I can use it at work, too:)

    Best regards,


  3. I just saw those boots at Goodwill, but they weren't my size. Can you tell me where I might find them? I don't know the brand or anything. A google search led me to you.

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