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Queen’s Lake Day

We live in a neighborhood called Queen’s Lake. It’s a lovely community with different style homes all on large lots. The neighborhood is around a private lake named Queen’s Lake, and bordered by Quaterpath Park, the Colonial Parkway and Queen’s Creek (which isn’t really a creek it’s more of a river.) There are lots of great amenities and activities to be enjoyed daily, but the big event each year is Queen’s Lake Day.

The event is actually kicked off on Friday night with a lighted boat parade on the lake at 9pm Friday. Saturday is filled with a large variety of events. A few are the Triathlon, Water Polo, and scavenger hunt. The morning also has a bicycle parade. Kids and adults decorate their bikes in the them for the event. This year’s theme was West Side Story and was called East/ West Side Story in honor of our two sides of the lake, the streets are E Queens and W Queens.

He Is “Jets” fuel lol
“Sharks” were well represented

Being new to neighborhood we didn’t know what tp expect. Most the activities took place in the common area where the pools, marina, playgrounds and tennis courts are. I have to say I had no idea how well attended the events would be.  The place was packed! And I love that everyone wished each other a “Happy Queen’s Lake Day.”

There are 3 meals catered and at $10 bucks each it seemed like quite the deal. They also had a beer truck and soda tent all day.  We didn’t take part in all the events but we definitely enjoyed the drinks and the corn-hole tournament the most. Chuck and Charlie made it all the way to the final round, finishing up in second place! Go team. Rick and Matt lowered the levels in the beer supply happily.

Charlie and Tim in the foreground
Chuck and Rick here








Tim really enjoyed the pool more than cron hole. I think my favorite thing was the greased pole. Yes, the greased pole. There is a pole, maybe 25-30 feet high, that has been greased and a token placed at the top. As the day progresses and no-one makes it to the top there is more prize money added, at one point I heard it was $150.  I didn’t take part personally,  but it was entertaining watching all the teenagers problem solve and work as a team to get to the top.  After 3 or 4 hours of watching them they finally made to the top to claim their prize just before I headed home. I was lucky to have seen them make it to the top.







All in all it was a pretty good day and I think my kids enjoyed themselves, too. I’m looking forward to next year!


Happy Queen’s Lake Day!




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