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Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

Perfect hard-boiled eggs was a feat in which I strived for my entire adult life. I have attempted to have perfect hard boiled eggs thousands of times. I’ve never had any success until now!

I swear to you. I have tried every method out there. With each attempt, I would have eggs that wouldn’t peel. Every egg I ever cooked looked like it had been malled by a wild animal after it was peeled. Ask my husband, ask my children. Seriously, go ask my BFF Raquel whom I would I repeatedly beg her to boil eggs for me!

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Technique after Technique

I tried for perfect hard-boiled eggs by placing them in cold water, enough to cover by an inch, which then was brought up to boil. I turned the heat off and let sit covered for 20 minutes. Peeled eggs resulted in half the egg white pulling away with the shell.

I boiled eggs with a tablespoon of vinegar. Or a scoop of baking soda. Also, Boiling the eggs for 5 minutes. Another time 7 minutes. Plunging the boiled eggs into ice water to cool. Another time leaving them to cool in the pot on the stove. Peeling them under running water. All with the same un-peelable results.

I even boiled eggs exactly as Raquel instructed me to step by step, all while watching me. Couldn’t peel them either! Even she couldn’t believe it.

Steam the eggs you may suggest Alton Brown? Did that, too. I had been cursed, I have no doubt.

I joined the Instapot world

A couple weeks ago I received my cash back check from Ebates. I decided to use that cash back to purchase an Instapot, and I did that via Ebates so I actually received 5% back on the Instapot, too. If you want to save money shopping read more about how I do that here.

I chose the Pioneer Woman’s 6qt Instapot because it’s just so darn cute. And it also has helped me achieve the perfect hard-boiled eggs.

Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs

Cursed no more am I! I decided to give my new Instapot a go. Yes, finally! I made 5 perfect hard-boiled eggs. I still am thrilled. Each shell practically fell away hole. WOW! Heavenly.

Perfect-Hard Boiled Eggs #hardboiledegg #eggs #instapot

Here’s what I did. I added about 1 cup of cold water to the pot, place the rack inside and placed the eggs on their side on top of the rack. Put the Instapot lid on and set the dial to seal, turned on the setting for eggs, set for 5 minutes, and walked away.

The Instapot came to temp, sealed itself to proper pressure, cooked for 5 minutes and gradually released the pressure. Once it stopped steaming I opened the Instapot and placed the 5 eggs into a bowl of ice water.

Once the eggs cooled I proceeded to peel, yes I, beautifully peeled the most perfect hard-boiled eggs ever. It felt amazing.

In honor of these perfect hard-boiled eggs, we had egg salad sandwiches with Chuck’s homemade bread for dinner. And, It was delicious.

Perfect-Hard Boiled Eggs #hardboiledegg #eggs #instapot #eggsalad #homemadebread #bread #Pepper #whatiate #whatsfordinner

The Curse has been removed

I no longer will fear to make my own hard-boiled eggs. I will save tons of money since I will no longer need to purchase the pre-hard-boiled-peeled eggs at the grocery store.

Basking in this glory I boiled more eggs today. The same way, with the same success. And to thank my chickens for being such prolific egg layers I treated them to the bounty of perfect hard-boiled eggs today. No, eating cooked eggs won’t encourage chickens to eat their own eggs. I also save the shells, wash and dry them, give them back to my chickens for extra calcium.

Perfect-Hard Boiled Eggs #hardboiledegg #eggs #instapot #chickens #Chickensnacks #whatiate#Backyardchickenes #backyardpoultry #mypetchicken
Coco the Whiteleghorn, Agnes the Ameraucana, And Kittie the True Blue Whiting

Have you tried to make perfect hard-boiled eggs in your Instapot? Share with me your favorite way to eat eggs. We eat a lot of eggs here, they’re fresh daily.

Perfect-Hard Boiled Eggs #hardboiledegg #eggs #instapot #chickens #rhodeislandred #Backyardchickenes #backyardpoultry #mypetchicken
This is June the RHode Island Red
Perfect-Hard Boiled Eggs #hardboiledegg #eggs #instapot #pinterest #chickens #Chickensnacks #whatiate#Backyardchickenes #backyardpoultry #mypetchicken

Happy egg eating! Happy Chickens.


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  1. I just bought my friend’s InstaPot and have been wondering about the hard boiled eggs. Thank you!!

  2. I don’t have an Instapot, but this makes me want to get one… our family loves hard boiled eggs and they are such a pain to peel!

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