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Packaging – It’s in the details

I’m a sucker for good packaging.

When it comes to packaging, for me, it’s in the details. The quality of any item is instantly elevated when you have good graphics and a pretty package. It is my opinion that anticipation is the best part, gift wrapping adds a special part to that.

For the style of packaging I prefer repurposed, hand wrapping, and a touch whimsy with a historical feel. And if I am being honest, even if it’s just the illusion of those things, it’s good.

If I personally purchased an item and it arrives prettily packaged it feels special. Like I received a gift from the seller, not just a product. Good packaging also encourages me to purchase from the seller again. Susannah’s Kitchen on Etsy is really good at packaging. I love her aprons and wear one most days, I’ve ordered no less than 5 aprons from her, the product is good on its own. The aprons arrive perfectly pressed, are handmade to order, and each package comes in a uniquely sized box and that is wrapped like a gift. But truly, I’m telling you, every detail is pure perfection. I wish I had photographed one when I opened it to share the magic with you.

It’s better to give than recieve

Not only do I like to receive good packaging, but I like to create good packaging. Recently I shared my Halloween goodies that were handed out at Trunk-or-Treat. These are a great example my joy in creating good packaging. And, I theme never hurts.

A couple of my best gift wrapping jobs have been books. Books have long been prized possessions, only in the last century or so, could most people read. Not to mention, the cost of books prior to today’s mass production and the likes of Amazon. They are still valuable prized gifts to me.

Packaging - It's in the details #giftwrapping #recycle #packaging #books #crafts #handmade #papercrafts

Favorite supplies

As I mentioned earlier, I’m a sucker for good packaging. I want it to feel personally wrapped, with repurposed things or things not typically thought of for packaging. This really gives it the old world charm. I’ll list some of my favorite things to use.

  • brown or white craft paper
  • baker’s twine or yarn
  • wax and seals
  • stamps
  • stickers
  • feathers
  • double sided tape

I’ve acquired a bunch of these things. Gathering bits and storing them for some future use is extremely helpful. Also, I like to keep unusual size or shaped boxes.

Another thing, always be looking for unique things. I found, several days in a row, a gathering of Hummingbird Moth wings on my front step. I have no idea why or how these found their way there but I picked every single one up and saved it. I’ve included these in many a gift packaging, including the wand sheaths I knit and then I gifted my nephew and niece last summer.

the package for Anthony has butterfly wings I found and Sam has Humming Brid Moth wings

I have collected so many random little things. I have a perfectly preserved Bee I found on the ground last summer. There’s no current plan of how, or if, I’ll use it for wrapping. And, I kept an old honey bear, too. Because one never knows.

Most used Item for gift wrapping

Feathers, without a doubt. Packaging is in the details and I am a chicken mom. There’s ample opportunity to gather feathers. Plus, this is a unique to me detail. I’m the only one in my family with chickens, in spite of how contagious Chicken Fever has been.

Packaging - It's in the details #giftwrapping #recycle #packaging #crafts #handmade #papercrafts #chickens #feathers

To sum it up, I’m always gathering, saving and thinking about the next packaging prospect. In fact, I have a big one on the works right now. I’ll share that one soon.

Here’s a hint. Packaging – It’s in the details

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I’d love to hear about your packaging perspectives. Share in the comments what you like to use for packaging.

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