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New Eggs on Bird Watch 2018

This morning I went out to check the nest and discovered the front door wreath nest has two eggs! They are so tiny in the nest. I wonder if we will have more, one new one each day? I checked on Tuesday and there were no eggs. I thought maybe the nest had been abandoned. I haven’t seen the bird, but we do have the AC on so the front door is always shut. I left it open today to see if I can catch a random glance of the bird.  The bird building the nest was a House Finch and I assume these eggs are the same.

I love the nest has long lengths of grass with the seed heads on them
How many eggs will be laid in total?








In the House Finch nest in the hanging flower basket, we still have eggs, no baby bird yet. Tuesday when I checked the nest there were only four eggs and today there are five! Very exciting!


The Sparrows have all hatched and are keeping their parents very busy providing food. There’s lots of chirping and activity in that hanging flower basket. I’ll also mention here there is lots of movement on the new birdhouses in the backyard. The momma bird is constantly going in and out. I assume feeding babies. I can’t see inside the houses as the doors are very small and its dark inside.







I’m taking today off from yard work and spending the day knitting. I started the Chevron Shenanigans by Stephen West last Sunday. I’m just about to start Wedge #6 which introduces the second color. I’m planning to do at least this entire wedge section today.







This week I also put in some quality time with my Hermione’s Every Day socks. I realized my change in the way the second sock was striping was because my gauge was off. With the second sock being knit at a looser gauge, so I frogged that and started over.

It will be much better if both socks end up the same size. I don’t mind starting over. I really like to knit and this way I get a finished project I’m happy with.  I also want to mention the Biggest difference between a good knitter and an excellent knitter is not that the excellent knitter doesn’t make mistakes. But rather they know how to, and do, fix their mistakes.

I spend most of my knit teaching time helping knitters discover what the mistake was and how to fix it. To me it is so important to fix those mistakes. In my knit projects I find if I don’t fix the mistake, all I ever see is the mistake, and that makes me crazy.

I’m off to meet with a second cup of coffee and my knitting!

Happy knitting. Finally!

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