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Life and times

I have lots of things to catch up on. My laptop died so I am begging and borrowing internet time from the husband and kids. At first I found it to be incredibly frustrating. Then I found it to be inconvenient. Now I find it practical.

I make notes throughout the day about things [I want to check out on-line] that I’ve heard about from friends, TV or radio. I therefore end up being very organized about my time. I’m focused and my mind doesn’t wander, along with my cursor, nearly as often! I am amazed at how much I can get done when I’m not on the computer.

That leads me to what’s going on. I’m finishing up all the unfinished knitting I have. I’m making a conscience effort to keep the clutter at bay. I am taking the time to actually cook breakfast and lunch for myself rather than eat quick, garbage food in front of the TV.

My big knitting goal this year, is to knit a pair of socks each month for my husband. I am proud to say, so far I’m 2 for 2 and have started the 3rd today. I am very excited about having 12 pairs of socks, just for him, by the end o the year. Some day I hope he will have enough to wear a different pair every day for a whole month. I know he appreciates my knitting and that makes knitting for him fun. Thanks, honey, I LOVE YOU! And, he doesn’t mind spending money on yarn. Bonus.


I currently live in Williamsburg, Virginia with my husband and three youngest children. I'm trying to spend as much time knitting as I can.

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