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Knit all the Things

I can’t be the only one. I’m not alone in this, right!?!

I spent weeks, even months looking forward to our vacation. An entire week off with my husband, two daughters, two sons, my mom and her friend, my uncle and his wife and children. This would be lovely, with us all from different parts of the country we rarely get to be with so many at the same time. A week in Colorado. We rented a home, a larger car, made plans to go to Estes Park, The Stanley Hotel, A Tiger/Rockies game or two…quality time with our loved ones. And lots of just time to be, to relax and visit.

I packed my Kindle, with a book nearly finished and 3 new ones borrowed and downloaded from the library. I like to read in bed before I sleep or early morning over the first cup of coffee. I left my computer at home to keep me focused.

My kindle is so much easier to read on than
the kindle app on my IPAD, probably
the best purchase of 2017

Then, well thought out I see now an overly ambitious array assortment of knitting projects of varying skill levels to keep my mind engaged or not. With the plan to finish Hanna’s sweater, for car knitting. Two pair of socks [one pair had a sock finished and about 10 rows of the second, the other almost done with the first sock leg] for pick up and knit a bit knitting while visiting. Plus a very basic garter stitch shawl to calm my mind while we wind down the night back at the house visiting with my nuclear family.

info on individual projects in previous blog posts
Here I am now, returned home, needing a vacation from my vacation. It was so nice to see how much my cousins have grown and get to know them at this older stage. My favorite part was probably watching the camaraderie between my girls, they’re 16 years apart in age with 4 boys between them and live too far apart, but have a mutual love and affection that will bless them for their entire lives. Each have matured into beautiful independent, intelligent, funny woman, as different as can be. Different in a way that helps them bloom in each others presence which only enhances their individual strengths. My son is charming and funny and I never get to see enough of him. I’m very thankful these three came with us, being adults they really could chose to vacation anywhere and they chose to be with us, makes me feel very lucky. 
So, you probably can guess I never finished the almost finished book, didn’t finish Hanna’s sweater, still have a second sock in each pair to do, and didn’t even make a dent in my shawl. I’m not alone in this, right!?! Do you find you go on vacation to be too busy to be on vacation? 
I’m thankful for the time away, with my loved ones, but I’m so happy to be home. I returned home to a freshly painted house that needed to be put back in order, lots of laundry, catching up to do everywhere. But it was a great week. I did renew my commitment of life plan to make my home the perfect place to vacation. Maybe a house in the woods, near by a lake or river and close enough to wander into town to shop and go to museums. I’m almost there, living in the desert in the 2nd most populated city in New Mexico with a pond in my yard. You agree don’t you? It’ll do for now. Off to feed the Koi…..


I currently live in Williamsburg, Virginia with my husband and three youngest children. I'm trying to spend as much time knitting as I can.

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