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Introducing Coco and Dottie

I’ve decided to introduce two of our most prolific egg layers together. Chuck regularly refers to them as “The Twins” or “The Leghorns” so if figured why not. These are the 2nd and 3rd chickens we got in spring 2018. They are White Leghorns and lay white eggs almost every day. We picked them up at the same time and while we don’t know if they are in fact related there’s a strong possibility they are.

As you would expect of a chicken breed called White Leghorn they are all white, except for their very red combs and wattles. Coco is actually bigger than her “twin” Dottie. Admittedly it’s hard to tell unless they are next to one another.

You will notice in the photo that the chicken on the left is larger, this is Coco, the chicken on the right is, therefore, Dottie. Also if you notice Coco has purple shoulders. I have sprayed her shoulders with something called Blu-Kote [intended for wounds to help fight bacteria as well as disguise the wound further protecting it] in order to help differentiate them for quick identification.

Coco the Crabby Chicken

If you’ve spent any time at all watching chickens you know how they are very individual, each with their own little quirks. Coco is one of those chickens with definite quirks. Both Leghorns are bossy, pushy and first in line. Whether it’s to get out of the run to free-range, get their chicken scratch or snacks, they are always first.

Coco is actually named Colette, after my best childhood friend [Colette] and one of Chuck’s oldest friends, Conrad. They both went by the nickname Coco. I’m sure they don’t mind, as it was sweetly meant.

Why did I say Coco was crabby? Well, she is that’s why. As she is one of the first to gladly interact you would think she would be very friendly, actually, she’s very quick to peck you. Or puff up her feathers and yell. Coco has no qualms about flapping her wings at you too.

While Coco displays all those leave-me-alone behaviors she will gladly eat from your hand. But once your food is gone she will be done with you! “I spit on you” as may grandpa Linke used to say, though he was always teasing. We affectionately called him Grumpy Grandpa. So now I have Crabby Coco. HMMMM, could this be a sign he’s watching over me?

Every night when I lock up the chickens I count each one. By way of counting I touch each one. Every time Coco pecks me. I just pretend it’s a goodnoght kiss. I’m a rather over-involved chicken keeper to some extent.


Dottie is really named Dorothy after my favorite Golden Girl. Do you remember that show? Man, that was a good show.

Dottie, in contrast, is super friendly. She loves to jump up on your arm or shoulder to see if you have snacks. She is nosy and pushy. I love that she will let you hold her a minute or two. but if you sit on our bench with snacks she will climb right into your lap and help herself.

And she always comes running towards me when I go outside and they are free-ranging. She is my nephew, Anthony’s favorite chicken. He got so much joy from her sitting on his arm or shoulder. You can read more about his chicken fun here.

I always put a mix of seeds and Grubblies in a teal colored “red solo” cup as their snack. I’ve trained the chickens to come when I shake the cup, usually just one chick seeing it starts a stampede. I also will give them the command to “Go Home” and they know there will be no snacks until they have gathered up in the run. This has worked great for easily putting them away if we need to. Chickens are not dumb.

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I hope you enjoyed meeting Coco and Dottie, two of my sixteen chickens, today. You can be sure Dottie will be ready to meet you and see what snacks you brought.

Happy chicken watching. It’s better than most of what’s on TV.


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    1. Yes they do! They lay the most eggs of all the chickens we have. They did slow down in the winter a bit. I just looked through my records and dec 21 through February I got at least one egg and many still two eggs a day.

  1. They are really pretty! Birds freak me out in person, but I am fascinated by them in photos

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