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Hydrengea Shawl

It’s finished! I finished the shawl in what feels like super fast amount of time. This was a really fun knit, Chevron Shenanigans by Stephen West. I love chevrons as a rule and this one with short rows was rather interesting. I also am still crushing on the whole fading of colors still. Did I mention I’m knitting my 3rd Find Your Fade?

This shawl has an I-cord edging and an I-cord bind off which I also really enjoy working.  I-cords give very nice clean edges. I worked the cast off with a size 7 needle which is 2 times larger than what I worked the shawl in. I wanted to be sure there was plenty of length so it wouldn’t pull awkwardly.  Even with this larger needle it is just slightly not loose enough. It’s going to pass but I would’ve liked to create a larger curve than I was able to when I blocked it.


I’m very pleased with the way the colors worked out. I generally don’t like purple but this is a bit on the grey side so it works for me. My favorite of the 5 colors is the dark blue.







I’ll touch on my Hydrangea plants a moment. And they are just plants….All the flowers have been eaten! We have many deer frequenting our front yard and gardens. I don’t really mind as I like to watch them, there’s a bit of a thrill every time I see one. I have moved a few of the more desired plants to the back yard, such as Day-lilies, but I hadn’t realized they would like the Hydrangeas. These were planted by the previous owners so I assumed they were of little interest to the deer. Apparently that is not the case.  I’m pondering whether these should be relocated or not. Maybe the pink blooms aren’t tasty but with the addition of the fertilizer and coffee grounds the blue ones become delicious?  I’ll have to see what my mom thinks about that. She’s coming next Tuesday, which is pretty exciting.








This weekend all 6 of our kids and the son in-law will be here visiting. This is very special as we don’t often all get to be together at the same time.


It also happens to be Queens Lake Neighborhood’s big weekend. There are so many events and activities going on. I hope to get to see some of them. There will be a Corn Hole Tournament which we do enjoy. Perhaps we will have time to at least watch a bit if not actually participate. Plus there is a Bike Parade and Dinner at the pool with a live band. We probably will have no problem seeing the parade or hearing the band as we aren’t very far off the event location.

So looking forward to this weekend.

Happy knitting.


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