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Fun with the kids

We went this weekend to Frankenmuth and stayed at Zender’s Splash City. We always stay at an indoor water park to celebrate our anniversary. Zender’s was the smallest of the water parks but it was the closest distance. Just over an hour away.

ML found the hot tub.

This one was every where having the most fun!

My mom loves water stuff and came along to enjoy the kids.

This is mostly what I did.

This one went down the water slide… a 1000 times!

This one macked on some girls……O- to be young.

This one did this.

At one point he actually asked where every one was. When I answered “swimming” he says “Oh- makes sense.” DUH! Only the brightest can be so dumb.

The older boy child didn’t stay with us now that he’s a too cool adult but he did drive up to have dinner at the restaurant with his girl so that was nice. I didn’t think to take a picture of him eating a mound of Zender’s family style chicken dinner. I think we all had fun. Next time we’ll go back to one of the bigger parks.


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