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Flowers in the Snow Blanket

Flowers in the Snow Blanket

I’m an excellent knitter. I love knitting. If I could knit all day long I would. But instead, I’m crocheting. I’m crocheting the Flowers in the Snow Blanket. I love it but I find it is not as comfortable or easy on my hands as knitting. It’s probably because as a newer crocheter I haven’t found the perfect way to hold my yarn and hook.

Why am I crocheting instead of knitting anyway? The simple answer is I fell in love with the FLowers in the Snow Blanket on Ravelry. It’s sort of a granny square with a circle center. It’s circles inside of squares. And that really makes my eyes happy.

Color Palette

When I decided to crochet the Flowers in the Snow Blanket I knew I wanted to knit this as a cotton/wool blend and I was able to find Brown Sheep Company’s Cotton fleece. I purchased this at one of my LYS’s, Yarn Matters. I’ve used this yarn before and absolutely loved working with it so I  was eager to do so again. I also think this yarn would be great for a sweater.

There are so many colors to chose from in the Cotton Fleece. I went back and forth. Back and forth. Rainbow? Blues and greens? Pastels? Rainbow!?!

I decided on a modified rainbow I suppose I’d call this palette. I skipped the purple. Purple is my least favorite color. Instead, I opted for two different pinks. Originally I had a yellow mixed in, but I felt it was too washed out with the main border color as white. I swapped the yellow for turquoise. This color combo is my perfect palette.

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As I’m loving this Flowers in the Snow Blanket project I’m wondering what you think of my color palette? Are you loving this combination as much as I do? How about with the white borders?

Flowers in the Snow Blanket #flowersinthesnowblanket #squares #circles #grannysquares #tourquiose #green #blue #pink #furls #brownsheepcompany #cottonfleece #crochet #FlowersintheSnow

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How I hold a Crochet Hook

There are two main ways to hold a crochet hook. The first position is similar to holding a knife, and your hand will grip over the hook. The second position is similar to holding a pencil. I’m the knife style, this is also how I hold my knitting needles.

I’ve been using Furl’s crochet hook in size 3.75mm. These particular hooks have a thicker handle which seems to be better for my carpal tunnel and my knife style of holding the hook. This is always a good thing. I understand the thicket barrel isn’t as comfortable if you hold your hook as if it were a pencil. I’d really like to know how you hold your hook.

Also as I’m working on this blanket I’m sneaking in some time on my Bayside Garter Lace Pullover. You can read about that sweater here. I’m THiiiiiiiiiiiiiS close to the lace section on the bottom of the sweater. I’m realllllllly ready to work some lace after many, many, inches of just knitting.

Flowers in the Snow Blanket #flowersinthesnowblanket #squares #circles #grannysquares #tourquiose #green #blue #pink #furls #brownsheepcompany #cottonfleece #crochet #FlowersintheSnow

Birdwatch 2019 Update

I think I’ll leave you with a quick update on my Birdwatch 2019. There was one last fledging in my wreath nest this week. I snuck out on the porch and took a few pictures. Just as I snapped the picture below he flew off! It was as startling as it was exciting to see.


Now it’s time to clean out the wreaths and wash all the poo off the windows. Then back to the FLowers in the Snow Blanket,

Happy Crocheting, knitting and birdwatching.


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  1. Absolutely gorgeous!!! I adore granny squares and love making them in such beautiful colors!! I found that cotton was a huge trigger for my elbow tendonitis and have had to stay away from it ever since.That makes me sad because cotton yarns have such brilliant colors and I love how it feels.

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