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Family Time

When Chuck was looking for work one of the criteria was being closer to family. Right now I’m feeling we won the jackpot in Virgina. We have seen Stevie and Matt more this year than I ever could have hoped. They live less than 3 hours from us and that has afforded trips, for us there and them here, many times already this year. Not to mention it’s doable to co-vacation, such as Myrtle Beach and our upcoming trip to Michigan.

When Hanna decided to come here from Oklahoma and Charlie with Rick from Michigan, Stevie and Matt quickly made time to come, too. Which meant we had all of our kids together for the second time in the last year! Considering this had happened only 3 times in the previous 7 years it is pretty amazing! And I feel very blessed indeed.

We didn’t do tourist things while the kids were here. The only event we attended was the neighborhood Queen’s Lake Day. Instead we hung out, talking by the fire pit (which Chuck and my brother made this spring) doing basic -I wish I could everyday- relaxing and ate lots of really good home cooked food. There was plenty of bacon and we were treated to an assortment of different biscuits made by Chuck and Matt to go with eggs and sausage gravy, all the biscuits were delicious.


My fantastic son-in-law, Matt, chopped a ton logs into manageable fire wood. He said he loves to chop wood, which I am eternally thankful for. It was quite impressive to watch. And watched he was, by Charlie from the hammock and myself from the comfort of a chair. I feel a little guilty about that, but he insisted, being the gentleman he is.


Charlie and Rick moved a “bigly” railroad tie that was far too heavy for just Chuck and Tim to move. Then they replaced it with the top step at the cottage that had rotted out, giving me and my broken foot much safer passage to and from the chicken coop.

The siblings will never be together enough in my lifetime, or theirs for that matter, but I will always treasure these times and I look forward to many more now that we are relatively closer. Who knows, perhaps we can do this every 6 months or so now. Christmas in Virgina has a nice ring to it. What do you guys think? Are you in? We have plenty of firewood for a Christmas morning fire in either or both of our fireplaces! As a side note; I need to take more pictures. I always forget to. I need to work on that.


We were treated to an impromptu concert by Rick and his ukulele and Tim and his guitar. Rick has a lovely voice and a passion for playing and encouraged Tim to work as a team, which isn’t always easy for either of them.


We also are very lucky to have had my mom join us the last day the boys were here. We played cards, Hands and Feet, which I haven’t played in forever. I needed the practice as we no doubt will play with my cousins Bill and Linda when we go home tp Michigan in a few weeks. I’m looking forward to that very much.

I’m working on finishing up some knitting projects that have been on the needles far too long so I can start a new longterm project and a new pair of socks. As I have a long car ride to Michigan coming up and I plan to make the most of that time knitting!


Enjoy your family. I know I do.



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