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Chaotic or Calm?

Cluttered or Comforting?

I find I’m concerned probally more than I should about what others see of my life and home.

Let’s assume I have a freind visitng me. She thinks that my life is over cluttered. I have too much furniture in this room. Why don’t you put things away and what doesn’t fit eliminate? Too many boys sharing this space. Maybe you could reorganize this area? We good make it look so much better.

Now let’s assume a different Friend is visiting. Wow, everything is is so nice, your colors are great. I like that you have extra chairs so every one can sit together. I’m amazed how you can fit so many people in so little a space. You always have everything so organized. It looks so nice, too.

But, I suppose it’s more telling about the person noticing these things than those being noticed. I know I myself have thought these things about my friends each in turn. And that, I would say is the most interesting.

I should remember that people look at others and see both what they admire and what they hope to be better than. It’s not really about you. So, I’ll endeavor to remember we all appear one way or another at different times and to different people and that is okay.

I’ll strive to be calm and comforting and work on the chaos and clutter, not only with my house but also with those in my life. We all need to see the good while acknowledging the bad so we can continue to grow.


I currently live in Williamsburg, Virginia with my husband and three youngest children. I'm trying to spend as much time knitting as I can.

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