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Catching up

I finished my socks on Wednesday. I had enough yarn and even some leftover.

I wore them to my friend Linda’s on Saturday and she asked about my socks. I was very proud to tell her I made them myself. She said they were awesome!

I also started on the Snowbabies that will be Xmas gifts. So far all I have done is one body. I’ll start another today.

I decided I better finish the socks I started when I took the magic loop class. They are a Sport weight (Mission Falls) so they should be long finished but I had gotten tired of them. I definitely like the delicateness of fingering.

I didn’t have that much knitting time considering we had Thanksgiving dinner for 25 or so of our family and Friends. I actually got away with minimal work as my love cooks the turkey and stuffing. I also delegated many of the other dishes to the guests so all I had to do was clean (w/ the kids help) and look pretty. I enjoyed visiting and playing cards. It was a lovely day.

Shameless insert of non-Thanksgiving family

photo at my brother’s wedding this September!

I also have been trying to finish X-mas shopping. I hate the malls during the holidays.


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