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Bayside Garter Lace Pullover

Knitting sweaters, any clothing really, isn’t for the fly-by-night knitter. It takes planning, measuring, organization, skill and time. Lots of time. Especially when you are knitting with thin yarn and small needles for a plus size gal.

I started this sweater just as I had finished my January Gansey Sweater and after I went to Marie Greene’s class on sweaters to promote her book, Seamless Knit Sweaters in less than Two Weeks. Although, I definitely have not finished this sweater in two weeks.

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More about the Yarn

I chose to use Cascade Roslyn which is a DK weight with 383 yards per 100g skein. I’m sure that means nothing to you if you’re not a knitter, but trust me, it’s a nice light yarn made from a blend of wool and silk. It has a classy tweed look to it. The color of my yarn is a light denim color leaning slightly turquoise from the silk. This yarn gets even softer as you wear and wash it.

I’ve used this yarn to make swatch samples, this is my first time for an actual whole project. I really like knitting with it.

The Sweater

The pattern I’m using is in the previously mentioned book, Seamless Knit Sweater in less than Two Weeks. The name of the pattern is Bayside Garter Lace Pullover. I’m about to start with my second skein. I am approximately halfway to the lace section. lots of basic Stockinette stitch before I get to the fun lace bit.

If you’ve read my blog awhile you probably know I prefer 3/4 length sleeves on my sweaters. I plan to make this one with 3/4 length sleeves. Also, I intend to add lace edging to the sleeves to match the bottom section of the sweater. It’s a simple lace and I think the addition of lace at the sleeves will help draw attention to the detail of lace at the bottom of the sweater.

#/4 length sleeve on the January Gansey sweater

So Lots and Lots of Knitting

Meanwhile, I’ll just be over here knitting the endless Stockinette body of the Bayside sweater. Probably while we finish watching season 2of Mrs. Maisel. By the way, if you haven’t already seen it, I highly recommend it. It’s on Amazon Prime.

And happy knitting to you. Or happy whatever you enjoy. Go enjoy it!

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