Mary Kay

I started the adventure as a Mary Kay Independent Consultant in February 2019, after I had been using the Timewise Miracle Set. I had been using this every day for a while and fell in love with it. My skin is better than ever and friends and family have noticed, too!

I’m ready to help you find products that work with great ingredients. Let start with basic skin care. Then adding specialized products, such as Vitamin C serum, that will address your specifics concerns. Mary Kay as a wide array of make-up in colors that suit everyone. Try out the mascara, there are two styles to choose from and they both are long wearing!

I want to share the opportunities Mary Kay offers with everyone. I am taking advantage of making a business work within my lifestyle, I would love to share this business opportunity with you, too.

I’m here to help you find exactly what you need, anytime, near or far. Contact me via my Mary Kay website or email me at Of course you can also message me via my blog.

I look forward to helping you feel beautiful.