About Me

I spent much of my childhood at my beloved grandma’s knee, watching her sew beautiful garments and dresses. She could make anything. Although, Grandma was not really a knitter, she did crochet thousands of lap blankets which she donated to the local hospital she volunteered at. It is her hands I see when I watch myself knitting. It is with her example that I too have spent a large part of my adult life as a volunteer. No doubt she is the main driving force of my life. I will continue sharing my love of knitting in her honor. I do other things I like, too. I cook, I garden, I read, I redecorate our home, I care for our family. But I’m really just a knitter, taking sticks and strings, and making things.

I grew up in Michigan, metro Detroit. Living within twelve miles of where I was born until the end of 2009 when we moved to the desert in Las Cruces, New Mexico. We made another cross country move at the end of  2017. I currently live in Williamsburg, Virginia with my adorable husband, my two youngest sons and youngest daughter (when she is not away at school) and our three little dogs. I’m looking forward to making our house a home and becoming a Virginian. And there will always be things to knit no matter wear I live.

You can find me pretty much everywhere on the internet with my username kymhretz.