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A time to Reflect and Reinvent

Life is full of changes. I see them daily in my personal world and those around me. Small changes, big changes, unexpected changes and greatly anticipated changes.

I’ve spent a fair amount of time reflecting on myself and where changes would best be suited. Certainly my Heath would benefit from change. I’ve decided that this is the most important place to focus my immediate changes. But I also need to adjust in other areas.

I’m hoping to use this space to hold myself accountable, Facing the challenges of eating healthy, appropriate quantities of food. Making a genuine effort to exercise. To find a balance in my life that keeps me and my family living healthy and happy.

I also need to revamp my household freeing life of clutter and excess of things. I really need to take the time to enjoy my beautiful home and gardens in a way that I’ve neglected the last few years.

I’m also going to be more present in the daily planning and care of my family. I’m going to cease day not just survive it.

It’s Mother’s Day and I am very proud to have such lovely, intelligent kids, all of whom are adults living their own exciting lives. Today, I am thankful they always think of me and make time to show me they care, each in their own individual way.

I’ve been blessed in my life and I plan to savor it and make it last as long as possible!

Here’s to the Good Life!


I currently live in Williamsburg, Virginia with my husband and three youngest children. I'm trying to spend as much time knitting as I can.

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