Perfect Day?

The weather is amazing. While walking the dogs I had amble opportunity to enjoy the sun and beautiful colors. It made me think.

I wondered how soon the days would have bone chilling winds. Heavy coats and looking for that lost mitten you had just moments before. How miserable I would be scraping ice from my very hard to reach van window. Or worse, scraping frozen poop off frozen grass. It was depressing.

So instead I tried to concentrate on how, with a day like today, in let’s say in May, it is filled with excitement and things to come. Trips to the garden center and placing yard ornaments in the perfect spot. Going out with no coat or even shorts if you dare.

That’s when I realized I could just enjoy the day. Because it’s today. A beautiful day. Filled with the wonder of having four seasons. Fall is a great time of the year. Enjoy every day.


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