AS the weather turns….

As the cold weather has been creeping in, with pelting hail and bone chilling wind, we have been “winterizing” the yard. It’s a good reason to start modeling all the lovely hand knits. It also is inspiring me to finish up all the knitted items that have been keeping my needles cozy.

Rosalie is very thankful to have this finished project I started last May!

I need to get started on all the new fabulous patterns and yarns I’ve been collecting. I have so many Christmas gifts I want to make. I’m excited to be giving my knitted items to people that will appreciate the work and time put in every stitch.

On the kid front….. Homecoming dances and new experiences as one forges into adulthood…. I wonder why fighting the parental desire to document such moments is required. The pleasure of seeing the kid [who doesn’t think brushing his hair is worthwhile] all cleaned up and shiny is far and few between. I need these documents to remind me eventually “teenager” will be a memory and they become normal again.

I guess, if sullen was the look you were going for…….


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