I have been knitting mom’s socks for Mother’s Day. I’m using J. Knits AC-130. I’ve used J. Knits before with great success. Remember my Loopy sock swap for Pam? Those were knit on 1’s and mom tried them on and said they were perfect. Good to know.

I am making the chevron pattern from Sensational Socks. I started with a 0 needle because it had more stitches (66) and it was too tight. So a frogging it went. Started again with a 1. Too small still…. Frogged….Added another repeat which is eleven stitches….. HUGE….Frogged……again…..UGH! So…..Now I’m trying 0’s with 77 stitches.

By now, surely, I’ve knit this sock enough to have finish the damn pair! If this doesn’t work……I’m burning the yarn……Well it’s wool so maybe I (can’t) won’t burn it.


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