Swaps and such

I am ready and running for The Loopy Swap 2. I am going to be checking my sources for info on my down stream partner and planning on projects and goodies. I’m excited to get to know new people.

I’m almost finished with my Loopy club socks for March. I am currently on the toe decreases of sock 2! I’m on the second row on the Afghan. And I’ve frogged a big chunk of my Noro sock because I thought the stockinette would be too uncomfortable.

We have a very busy weekend planned. Starting with the girl having a half day and we plan to go to LYS and checking out their big spring sale. Tomorrow two kids are going with Gma for the Saturday early movie special. One kid will be going to State to visit his girl, one will be helping a fellow scout on their Eagle project and another will be working. ML and I are going shopping for ingredients and such to make Orzo salad, Potato casserole and a veggie salad for my friend whom is having a 1st Communion party [we will be attending on Sunday.] Hopefully the farmer’s market will be helpful in this. We also are planning to go order the flooring for our big Kitchen remo. Then my brother and his wife will be coming for dinner and cards. And, because I’m a procrastinator, I will have to work in order to get out the Robotics team shirts in time. I don’t think there will be much knitting time.

My weekend goal for knitting is to finish my Loopy club sock. I said it out load so now I am committed to that, right?

Here’s the Afghan’s first row.

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